1What is Slazzer?

1.1Slazzer is a photo editing application that removes the background from images in seconds. It uses Artificial Intelligence and is specially designed for bulk image processing to handle thousands of images at once to help e-commerce businesses, freelancers, auto dealers, design teams, photo and video editing apps, photographers, developers, social media and advertising agencies.

1.2Slazzer saves time, effort, and money by removing the background from images perfectly leaving no trace of cut-outs. You can add a customized background according to your preference easily which will make the picture look authentic and genuine.

2How does Slazzer remove the background from an image online?

2.1Slazzer removes the background from images in just 5 seconds or less, only a single click will do the job! You can remove backgrounds from bulk images within a couple of seconds. Just upload the picture and Slazzer will automatically detect the primary object with the help of its AI system. It scans the foreground pixels of the image and separates them from the background pixels. Then it efficiently removes the background from even challenging conditions.

3Is Slazzer free?

3.1Slazzer is free for low-resolution images up to 0.25 megapixels. For images up to 25 megapixels, Slazzer offers premium plans and enterprise packages.

4What is the Slazzer API?

4.1Slazzer API (Application Programming Interface) is a HTTP-based interface. With the help of Slazzer’s API, you can remove the background from images on any platform. Slazzer’s AI removes the background from images by identifying the primary object (such as gadget, face, car, product, etc.) that has a clear foreground and background.

4.2Slazzer’s API comes with various options:

  • Source images- Direct uploads or URL reference
  • Result images- JPG or PNG image file
  • Output resolution- Up to 25 Megapixels
  • Works ideally with images that have a foreground (e.g. animals, products, humans, gadgets, cars, etc.)
  • It supports JPG (up to 25 MP) and PNG (up to 10 MP).
  • You can upload images directly and can also change the color of the background.
  • Comes with instant integration and is simple to use.
5What is the Slazzer WordPress plugin?

5.1The Slazzer WordPress plugin is specially designed for woo-commerce product images. It instantly and automatically removes the background from product images using Slazzer’s API service.

5.2You can add any background. The transparent background is preferable for product images or you can set the background to any color or custom upload. You can change the background from either bulk product images or change a single product image. With the help of the Slazzer AI-powered application, you can remove the background from any of your e-commerce product images in just a couple of seconds.

6How does the Slazzer WordPress plugin work?

6.1We have mentioned a step-by-step process to guide you through the working of the Slazzer WordPress plugin::

  • Visit this link and download the WordPress plugin. https://wordpress.org/plugins/slazzer-background-changer/
  • Then you have to enter your unique API key which is generated after you log in to Slazzer. Login through this link- https://slazzer.com/account#api-key
  • Proceed after entering your API key and choose which kind of image you want to proceed with either with the main image or product gallery image.
  • Now select the type of background you want. You can select the background of any color of your choice or also can use a custom image as background. You can even select a transparent background.
  • After selecting the background, click on the save settings. Now choose the start background removal button to begin the background removal process from the images.
  • Make sure to check the preview of the output image before processing. You can also delete or restore all the original images and also can select remove backup to delete the original images.
7What does Slazzer's subscription offer?

7.1Slazzer’s subscription plan includes:

  • Access to Slazzer premium editors.
  • Unlimited free previews on slazzer.com
  • Supports up to 25 Megapixel resolution.
  • API access and Apps for Windows / Mac / Linux.
  • You can Upgrade / Downgrade your plan anytime, without even losing existing credits. All credits get rolled over!
  • There are no monthly payments. All our credits last 1 year and if you make any purchase before the year ends, all credits get rolled over!
8How can Slazzer help in the e-commerce business?

8.1Slazzer uses AI which removes or replaces any noisy background from product images. It finely separates the foreground pixels with the background pixels, giving a clean cut out to your product image in just 5 seconds. You can even customize your background or change the color of the background according to your preference.

8.2Slazzer is specially designed for e-commerce businesses to provide a more enjoyable shopping experience and help shop owners make a profit. Slazzer eliminates the time-consuming process and heavy stress of editing images manually. All major retailers have adopted a white or transparent background for their product images and now you can too! Using Slazzer gives a professional look to your products in just a couple of seconds.

9What are the features of Slazzer?

9.1Slazzer has various intriguing features to help you deal with editing images. Some of the basic features that Slazzer offers are mentioned below:

  • Slazzer is the most advanced AI-powered background removal tool.
  • You can add a clear transparent background or any other new customized background.
  • Access to API to integrate background removal on any platform.
  • Charges 1 credit per image of up to 12 megapixels and has a maximum output of up to 25 megapixels through API.
  • Large resolution images get automatically adjusted to this resolution.
  • A single click does the job of removing backgrounds automatically from images in just 5 seconds.
  • Upgrade or downgrade your plan without losing your existing credits.
  • Supports high-resolution images.
10How do I integrate the Slazzer API into my website or app?

10.1Slazzer offers its own image background removal API that can be integrated into any third party website or app. It allows you to access other platforms while keeping your data and security. You can remove the background with the help of the Slazzer background removal API with just one API call. The Slazzer API can be integrated into any website or app by using the HTTP interface. Here is the Slazzer API code https://www.slazzer.com/api.

11What is Slazzer’s output resolution?

11.1Slazzer provides a maximum pixel resolution of up to 25 megapixels.

12What are Slazzer's pricing terms?

12.1Slazzer’s pricing ranges from $0.13 USD per image for starter packages to $0.04 USD per image for professional packages.

13Does Slazzer have a refund policy?

13.1Yes, Slazzer offers a 10 day refund policy.

14What is a Slazzer preview image?

14.1The preview image is a trimmed down version of the original image. You can check unlimited preview images on Slazzer before processing the output image and you don't need to pay anything for preview images. Slazzer supports preview images up to 0.25 megapixels.

15What kind of images are supported by Slazzer?

15.1Slazzer supports any JPG or PNG image with up to 16 megabytes. If the resolution of the image is more than 25 megapixels (e.g. 6250 × 4000 pixels), then Slazzer will automatically adjust it to the maximum resolution of the image. Every image must contain at least one person, product, car, or animal in the picture.

16What size of the image is supported by Slazzer?

16.1Slazzer and its image background removal tool support images with a file size of up to 16 Megabytes.

17Does Slazzer keep your data secure?

17.1Slazzer keeps your data secure and confidential, it does not share your data with any third parties or publish them on other platforms. After one hour of uploading the data, Slazzer deletes both the resulting image and the uploaded image. Slazzer keeps usage statistics without images, you can rest assured your data is secured with Slazzer.

18How much time does Slazzer take to edit an image?

18.1Slazzer takes just 5 seconds to remove or change the background from even complex images.

19How does the Slazzer Android app work?

19.1The Slazzer app is specifically designed for Android and uses the Slazzer AI to remove the background automatically from images perfectly with high-quality 4k cut-outs. You just need to download the Slazzer app and allow all the permissions. Then upload the picture and within 5 seconds your image is ready with a transparent background. You can even adjust the color or add a new background according to your choice. The Slazzer android app does not have bulk processing capabilities.

20How does the Slazzer Figma plugin work?

20.1Figma is a web and cloud based design tool used by design teams all over the world to collaborate. The Slazzer Figma plugin can be searched within the Figma community and easily downloaded with a click of a button. The plugin can always be found in the Plugin tab at the top of the Figma dashboard and can be easily used by designers without ever leaving the Figma interface.

21Is Slazzer GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant?

21.1Yes, Slazzer follows all GDPR guidelines and procedures. See the privacy policy on the Slazzer website.

22What Is The Maximum Image Resolution On Slazzer?

22.1Slazzer can definitely remove the background from images in high resolution. The maximum output resolution Slazzer can support is 4K, that's 25 megapixels (6250 × 4000). Even complex images are no problem as the vision algorithm can detect even the most challenging areas. For preview images, Slazzer's maximum output resolution is 0.25 megapixels (e.g. 625 × 400). Bigger images also get automatically resized without any difficulty. This makes Slazzer a perfect tool for professionals and businesses in every industry as high quality images are increasingly becoming a top priority. The digital world demands HD visuals and Slazzer is in a prime position to fulfill all needs. E-commerce stores, Photographers, Auto dealers, Marketing agencies, Editing apps etc… love Slazzer for this reason as its quality/price is unmatched. You just need to download the latest version of Slazzer, upload images up to 4K and get the best results every time.

23What Are Slazzer Image Credits?

23.1In order to use Slazzer for full resolution images, you need to buy a bank of Slazzer image credits. 1 credit will get you 1 image cutout in HD. You can use Slazzer image credits through the Slazzer API, in the Windows/ Mac/ Linux desktop app or the variety of Plugins (Wordpress, Figma etc..)

23.2Slazzer Image Credits can be bought by users anytime and last 1 year. Slazzer has NO MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTIONS and offers the bonus of rollover credits if you purchase additional credits before the expiration date. That means all your previous credits get ROLLED OVER into the new plan and get extended by one year! Note Slazzer also offers unlimited preview images on its website at 0.25 resolution.

24What is the Slazzer Quality Guarantee?

24.1Slazzer assures you the highest accuracy in removing image backgrounds. At the moment Slazzer works for a variety of different images and scenarios where the foreground and background are clearly identified. Some users report a 95% success rate, others have 5 out of 6 images working very well.

24.2Slazzer's Quality Guarantee eliminates that risk for you. You only pay for images with a clear foreground and background that meet the quality level you have set. Any under performing images need to be sent to the Slazzer team to verify and once validated, credits will be refunded to your account. It's that simple, Slazzer stands by its quality and offers clients a risk free way to get unbelievable quality at the best price.

25How Can I Make Sure I Don’t Run Out of Credits?

25.1Slazzer does not charge any surplus fee if you run out of credits. The image downloads and API calls will get stopped, but you will get notified by Slazzer when 15% of your balance is remaining.

25.1If you want to be assured that you don’t run out of credits, then you should take these measures:

  • Make sure to choose a plan that has slightly more credits than you need. (No worries on losing credits as Slazzer, unlike others, rolls over all credits for free and has no monthly subscriptions!
  • Don't forget to upgrade your plan when you are notified of running low on credits.
  • Monitor your account at least once a month.
26What Web Browsers Does Slazzer Support?

26.1Slazzer is a cutting edge background remover tool that uses AI and it needs an up-to-date web browser to work on. If you want to take advantage of all the Slazzer features, then it is advised to use a modern web browser and its latest version. We recommend the following browsers:

  • For Windows, Mac, Linux- (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari)
  • For Google Android- (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox)
  • For Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad)- (Apple Safari)
27What are full-resolution or HD images?

27.1The resolution of your image determines the quality of your image. The higher the resolution, the better and clearer the image. Slazzer offers high-resolution or HD images according to the quality requirements which is best for professional use. Slazzer automatically removes backgrounds for full-resolution images with up to 25 megapixels (6250×4000). That is 4K quality. The resolution of the image is dependent on the job you are performing. For example: for eCommerce sites, your image will be on average 1- 4 megapixels (2500 x 1600). You can be rest assured that with Slazzer, it will automatically remove backgrounds quickly and in full-resolution without compromising image quality.

28Why Do Some Photos Not Work On Slazzer?

28.1Slazzer is an AI-powered background removal tool that identifies the foreground pixels of an image and removes everything else in a blink of an eye. The foreground is the main object of the image which can be a person, product, animal, car, or any other main subject. Also make sure that your picture is clear with accurate contrast and alignment. For accurate results, try to include only one main subject in the image. The subject should be in focus and should be clear. Avoid extreme angles and multiple subjects. If your image is still not supported, and you are an enterprise client, then you can reach out to Slazzer’s customer service at [email protected].

29Does Slazzer Have A Monthly Subscription?

29.1NO, Slazzer has NO MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTIONS PLANS! All the Slazzer plans are valid up to 1 YEAR from the date of purchase. You can even purchase new credits and rollover ALL existing credits to the new plan's expiration date. This is unlike any other software solution as Slazzer has NO MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTIONS, ROLLOVER credits and ROLLOVER EXPIRATION dates. You will NEVER LOSE credits monthly as Slazzer has no monthly restrictions and you can pay as you go.

29.2Apart from having the most flexible plans on the market, Slazzer also has the BEST PRICES! Get premium quality cut outs at a very affordable cost. Custom enterprise plans are also available for clients that demand 100,000 credits or more. Here is a summary of Slazzer's plans.

Credits Price Price Per Image in USD
100 Credits $ 13.0 $0.13
300 Credits $ 36.0 $0.12
1000 Credits $ 110.0 $0.11
1800 Credits $ 180.0 $0.10
5000 Credits $ 399.0 $0.079
10000 Credits $ 599.0 $0.059
20000 Credits $ 999.0 $0.049
50000 Credits $ 1999.0 $0.039