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Add bulk background removal to your desktop

Automate your workflow , and process upto 5000 images automatically at just a touch of a button. Click "Start" and watch as each image gets cut out 100% automatically.

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Customise your background and size

Customise and select either a transparent or coloured backgrounds, small or large images – just select your preferences and they will be applied automatically.

Superb cut-outs

Get AI powered clean cut out automatically in just few seconds . Whether you edit product photos or portrait shots . Everything is taken care off including all the challenging edges like hair and other tricky conditions are all taken care off . So you always get a clean cut out every time.

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Boost your conversions & increase productivity with slazzer

coming soon
Figma Plugin

Using the Figma Plugin for Slazzer, REST API you can directly import your work on Figma and remove the background with just a single API call.

coming soon
Sketch Plugin

Using the Slazzer REST API you can directly import any image and remove backgrounds with just a single click

coming soon
Photoshop Plugin

Using the Photoshop plugin you can remove backgrounds in Photoshop with just a single click.

coming soon
Shopify Plugin

Upload your product images directly to your shopify store without losing time and remove backgrounds automaticaly in just few seconds.